Our Story

Shine can be found everywhere, but it is most prominently found on cars.

Who we are

From Jamaica to Toronto:
A Journey of Automotive Innovation

Visiting Jamaica while growing up we would get picked up at the airport from family members in cars that would have you questioning if you would make it safely to your destination was a norm. Open the hood of a car that had a Toyota badge on it but there would be a Honda Engine inside… with Volvo embossed logo on the seats. The experience would leave you confused but also remind you of what some would say the struggle but I would like to call it ingenuity. Creativity. Working with what you have access too and making something your own.  That’s all we know and we always wanted to share this with the world.  

My father worked for General Motors for 40 years on the assembly line. The GM plant used to hold annual car shows that we would attend. Staff would have a chance to showcase their cars and all the unique and creative custom elements they added. Being exposed to this along with seeing my father repair cars on the driveway allowed me to fall in love with automobiles at a young age. 

As a collective, we designed many custom interiors for some of Toronto’s most elite and socialites as they have always trusted me to put together the right fabrics and patterns for their rides. Many vehicles we have completed have not only won car show trophies but have been showcased throughout North America at events such as Future Festival and SneakerCon. We have been commissioned by global brands and large companies to assist with bringing their visions to life and our creative process is always well thought out and executed with precision. 

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Keep your car clean by detailing it regularly.

Sit on Fashion operates on the cornerstone of creativity, quality, and customer satisfaction. We believe in blending innovation with excellent craftsmanship to create extraordinary automotive interiors that impress at first sight.

Our Vision

At Sit on Fashion we aim to showcase the relationship between fashion and automotive design especially with interiors.

Our Mission

We are driven by a passion for cars and a commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of our work.

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